I’m a Chartered Accountant based in Vancouver, BC with over 15 years of providing accounting, tax and financial planning services to doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other business professionals.  I like to think that I have learned a thing or two over the years, and I want to share some of that information.  I can’t promise that this blog will be exciting (remember, I am an accountant), but I hope that you will find it useful and informative.

John Moore, accountant for doctors, dentists, lawyers and other business professionals, Vancouver, British Columbia

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 John Moore CA   Wolrige Mahon LLP 
 Associate, Professional Services  Ninth Floor 400 Burrard Street
 Wolrige Mahon LLP  Vancouver BC  V6C 3B7
 Direct: 604 691 6876  Tel: 604 684 6212
 Mobile: 778 668 5914  Fax: 604 688 3497
 jmoore@wm.ca  Website (www.wm.ca)
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